Failure analyses

We determine the causes of malfunctions or damage. The constant further development causes an increasing complexity of electronic components and assemblies. Despite their high reliability, however, damage can occur, whether due to environmental influences, errors during production or due to aging processes. Our experts help identify and repair such damage. Environmental influences: Extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations and shocks can cause damage to assemblies. Analysis focuses on investigating corrosion, PCB cracks, soldering defects and other physical damage caused by these influences.

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Manufacturing defects: faulty assembly or faulty solder joints during production can lead to malfunctions. Analysis focuses on examining traces, solder joints, and component placement to identify and correct potential defects.

Aging and wear: Electronic assemblies are subject to natural wear over time. Failure analysis aims to identify age-related problems such as thermal degradation, material fatigue, or contact deterioration, and take appropriate action to maintain or upgrade them.

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